Personalized Flasks Reviews

People love their personalized flasks! We have shipped thousands of flasks to customers all over the United States. Bloggers and review sites are also starting to get excited about our products and write reviews of their flasks. Check out the links below to some reviews of our personalized flasks.

Read the GaveThat Personalized Flasks review that Marie did over at her gift giving blog “, the gift of giving.” Thanks Marie!

See the review of two popular personalized flasks, our engraved leather flask and our 8oz logo flask, over at Bob’s Brew and Liquor Reviews.

Head over to and see what Christopher had to say about our engraved flasks and drinkware (spoiler alert: he loved his personalized products).

Personal Testimonials

We received the flasks today and love them!!!! They turned out great, just how I envisioned them, and are excellent quality. We really appreciate your help, and we very likely are ordering some more after our wedding (trying to save some money right now)!
Karen and Chris

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